Jet Management

Aircraft Management

ProJet AviationA private aircraft is the ultimate time machine, giving you priority access to the world, and optimizing your most valuable resource: time. You need a management team that can help you maximize the value of your ownership experience throughout the lifecycle of your aircraft.

ProJet Aviation offers multiple management solutions for business and personal use aircraft owners to suit your specific needs. We are a full service aviation company, and our clients realize substantial savings on major expense items such as insurance, fuel, maintenance and training. Through our charter management program, you can earn revenue to further reduce your cost of ownership.

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ProJet AviationThe world of private aviation can be difficult to navigate alone. Having an expert on your side can save you thousands of dollars, and help you make sound decisions with confidence.

Projet Aviation Consulting Services Include:

  • Evaluation Of Private Air Travel Options, Including Air Charter, Jet Cards, Fractional, And Whole Ownership
  • Technical Advisement/Inspection Of Private Aircraft
  • Aviation Tax And Legal Assistance
  • Air Carrier Audit And Assessment
  • FBO Audit & Assessment
  • Airport Audit And Assessment

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ProJet AviationThe purchase or sale of a private aircraft is a major transaction. You need a partner who will represent your best interests, help you develop an appropriate acquisition strategy, and coordinate every aspect of acquisition process.

Projet Aviation Acquisition Services Include:

  • Mission analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Aircraft recommendation
  • Individual aircraft assessment
  • Coordination with aviation tax and legal professionals
  • Contract negotiations
  • Pre-purchase technical inspection
  • Compliance review

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