Suzanne Braund

Suzanne Braund
DepartmentFlight Operations


Suzanne Braund



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Broomfiled, Colorado

Why I love what I do

My interest in aviation came through the sport of skydiving. After becoming relatively comfortable with learning to control my body in flight, I quickly realized I was more interested in what the pilot was doing than actually getting out of the airplane, I had found my calling. I have been very blessed throughout my aviation career being able to stay true to my passion of flight while working with excellent companies in the field of corporate aviation. I enjoy corporate aviation for the opportunities in providing direct service to clients and being able to build good working relations with the entire team it takes to create a single flight. My career has taken me from the flat terrain of Florida to the mountains of Alaska, across the oceans to live and fly overseas and ultimately has brought me to the beautiful state of Virgina to call home. The science, beauty and fascination of the skies will forever have a strong hold on my spirit.

In my free time, I like

Favorite hobbies include a variety of outdoor activities such as rock climbing, skiing, kite surfing and skydiving. I have recently started learning the art of aerial silks. I also enjoy motivating and volunteering as a life coach for middle through high school age youth. I believe all life’s goals and dreams are possible so long as we continue to have faith and make the effort.